Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where, oh Where?...

I have been very, very busy lately.  Busy with good, productive, and rewarding things.  In this absence, I have been steadily journaling in my Moleskine companion.  Just the other day, I heard an empowering lecture from the author Don Yost.  If you have the chance, go see him speak.  It's incredible.

Here, I leave you with an inspiring quote, not nearly as epic as the lecture, but relevant to these times.

"Doing what you have to to pay the bills doesn't mean you give up on writing." -unknown


Rebecca ♥ said...

I am going to tape that quote to my mirror. Absolutely right.

Susanna-Cole said...

Hello dear,

Sorry this is a belated response to your comment you left me a while ago, but wanted to say, lovely new space!

And I understand about fashion and creative writing not mixing for you. I was recently invited by Oasis (the stores,, not the band) to write poetry inspired by their AW10 collections for their press day, and must say it was a challenge (though a welcome one, as it's good to exercise my pen in a new way). What I surmised I suppose, is that we write best what we know. If your subject, in any art, is close to your heart, if it means much to you, it'll inevitably show in your work. It's far harder to make art or write well on something that isn't personal.

And oh yes, "Letters To A Young Poet" is such a lovely, richly wisdom laced, book! It was also given to me by a good friend (seems like a good gift, and don't you treasure books given/recommended by friends even more so?). Right now I'm reading "Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch" by Henry Miller, and it is magnificent, a masterpiece. I think you'd like it too!

Anyway, hope you're well, dear! ♥