Monday, May 10, 2010

To Pass the Time

"Remember childhood and the psychedelic summers, unscripted, crescendos of heat swollen ecstasy, with warm oranges and citrus fruits rinsing your soft palate with their fragrant juices, sylph bodies bare and browned, unbuttoned sundresses, and sea salt in uncombed tresses. When classrooms couldn't keep you, and you were young, drunk from the sun. "


This exerpt from Girl Meets NYC reminded me of the unchained days of blissful summer youth.  Oh! memories and time all spilling over into one cool glass of lemonade under the sunn's delerious rays.  When I small, on days when the sun streamed through the clouds, golden, warm, and bright, I was sure that was an opening to Heaven.  I would look into that intangible glittering brightness breaking through and say, "God is right there."  Only recently did I again begin to look at the sky and believe.

Here, I've made a list of fun ways to spend summer days, just enjoy the brightness with the laughter that I once had in childhood:

1. Read! 

     I used to be an avid reader.  I carried a book around always.  I even preferred coats and jackets with big enough pockets for a book and a cd player.  At some point, I stopped keeping my mind constantly occupied with literature.  But this year I've turned back around.  Now I'm reading, Interview with the Vampire, The Sandman, and The Road.
2. Start painting again. 

     It's calming, fun, and perfect to do while listening to a favorite record.

3. Listen to a whole album without stopping. 

     I haven't laid on the floor in my room with headphones on while sinking into a musical meditative sleep in a long time. 

4.  Sit in a park to daydream and write or draw.  Go to Starbucks and people watch while you journal or sketch, like the French.

5. Have a tie dye party. 
     Your friends will thank you for allowing them to act like children again.

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PH said...

I started getting into Sandman recently too :)