Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Power of a Name

photo by D. Shand

     A name can greatly impact the way one feels about themselves.  Oftentimes, children with odd names are alienated.  Some children with simple names may wish for something unusual like Ophelia or Prescilla.  For me, my name sort of towes a boundary.  It is not weird or strange, nor is it simple and traditional, just uncommonly heard. 
     When I was a child, my mother told me that she greatly considered Lotus Blossom.  It was my 'working title' while I was still in the womb.  I grimaced at the idea.  How could she imagine giving me such an unusual name?  Later, in middle school, I would think that I was nowhere near delicate or sweet enough (I had a Metallica fixation) to be named after a flower. 
     Recently, I read UnaCosa's blog post about her dreams of the lotus flower.  In Chinese culture it represents strength, creative power and virtuosity.  I now realize that I had quite a strong character for a child and have remained that way.  Creativity is the thread in the needle of my life's journey and virtuosity grealy applies to my many interests and artistic endeavors.  I now believe that it could have been a great name for me.  Perhaps I will save it for my daughter someday.

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