Monday, April 26, 2010

Slow slow slow...

a well of darkness with streams of light penetrating the seemingly neverending void.

That is what the Slowdown sound like.  The feeling of the heavier tracks from my favorite Lovedrug album (Pretend Your Alive) and prog touches of Porcupine Tree come to mind but don't quite provide an answer.  That is why I belive no band should be described with another bands name unless they really do suck.  But, The Slowdown are far from that lowly place.  Give them a listen.  "Reappear" is my favorite.

This description of frontman Sam Hoskins on the Pitch alone makes you want to give them a listen:

"Then there's Sam Hoskins.

Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Hoskins, like his music, is part ying, part yang. As a personality, he is at once all smiles and all serious. His lyrics tap the subjects of alien life forms and earthly matters, like the death of a loved one. (Hoskins lost his father four years ago.) His right arm is clothed in tattoos, while his left arm is blank. His all-black ensemble renders his skin pallid, and his shaved skull draws lookers to his blue eyes."
-Hugh Welsh

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