Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A rose by any other name...

"Wild haired woman
with mood ring eyes
afraid to be human
yet stomaching lies
her collarbones sing
with ethereal dust
and though it is Spring
she is rotting with rust
too old to be smiling
 too young to decease
 her soul keeps on trying
to make due at least."

This is a poem by Katy Rose. I was a passionate listener of her music as a teen and found comfort in the poetry on her blog. In ninth grade I wrote each poem over and over again in class (instead of taking notes.) I wanted to remember them all. This is the only one I can recite in it's entirety. I often did years ago when I felt the need to be soothed. It is no doubt my favorite.  I'm sure that her journals are still somewhere on the web.  Somewhere...


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UnoCosa said...

just beautiful! xx