Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What are You Reading?

Hey Readers,
Just thought I'd let you in on what I'm reading and anticipate reading:

Current Reads

The Mysteries of Pittsburg - Michael Chabon

Amusing and insightful tale of a post-grad's transition into adulthood.

All the Pretty Horses - Cormac McCarthy

The Road didn't excite me they way it excited everyone who told me to read it.  I finished it to get it over with.  But All the Pretty Horses is a coming of age tale in the wild west.  John Grady Cole's love of horses and the repeated imagery of ghostliness create beautiful mental images of life in the desert.

The Book of Psalms - Bible

Spanning so many experiences with poetry, I always find the Psalms inspiring as a reader and writer.

Christmas Gifts

Jane Austen Collection (!)

Called Out of Darkness - Anne Rice

Interview with the Vampire is my favorite book, so I'm interested to get into the mind of Anne Rice.  Her personal transition from when she wrote the book, to regarding life differently many years later, will defnintely be insightful for someone (me) who sees so much depth in Interview

What are YOU reading?

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