Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Power of the Written Word

I love that there are very few things that books cannot do. They can pluck you from under the covers and drop you into the outskirts of your imagination. They can rearrange the chemicals in your brain until you feel happy and uplifted, or wistful and nostalgic. They can with the careful placement of words side by side remind you of places you have seen in the dreams of your childhood that you thought you had long forgotten.

-Stacey, Free People's concept intern

photo by me

This quote sums up some of the reasons why I have a passion for the written word.  It reminded me directly of how I used to carry around a book ("The Perks of Being a Wallflower," which I photographed at the time) to try to dissappear while I was in school.  I even walked around the hallway on my hardest days reading that book.  During my freshman year, I read it many times just to be in the mind of someone I could relate to.  I had no confidants in my school mates, so I looked elsewhere: in books. 


Stacey said...

Hi there!
I'm Stacey, the concept intern over at Free People. Thanks so much for quoting me! I'm so glad you could relate to what I wrote :)

J.M. said...

What you wrote is really wonderful. I have a passion for books, and well written words like yours. Keep writing on Free People! Or maybe you could start your own blog :)

Stacey said...

That really means a lot to hear that :) Thank you. This is actually my last week at Free People! I'm very sad about that, but I begin college next week.

It's nice that you posted when you did because it led to my discovering your blog! I love the quote you just posted about the butterfly :)